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Visit us at Kids World Fair

Retrieve your voucher at our booth during your visit to Kids World Fair 2018.

Kids World Fair 2018

Booth - T09

Suntec City Convention Hall

10-12th August 2018

Friday, Saturday 11AM-9PM

Sunday 11AM-8PM

Register with us and redeem your package of promotional photography services.

Promotional Voucher

Terms & Conditions:

1. Subscribe our newsletter on Wechat Subscription Channel and out website at

2. Register with us at our booth during your visit to be eligible to all the activities and promotional packages.

3. All promotions valid and redeemable before 31st December 2018.

4. Promotions cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

5. Extra retouch photos will be charged at S$10 each for all S$188 and similar level packages.

6. If traveling is needed, accommodation and transportations are to be covered.

For Instant booking, please select your package to be paid online / in person (cash) / to paylah account as shown below:

Paylah QR Code

Wechat payment will also be accepted on the spot. Please arrange your visit to our booth at T09 to understand further about our promotions.

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